Tamil Verbs -- Conjugation by Verb-Stem Ending

Here, you can specify the alphabetical letter that ends your verb stem, and go to a page where you can type your verb and obtain the desired verb forms.
   + Sample verbs are also given here to illustrate the types of verbs with a given ending.
   + For a chart on the correspondence between Roman and Tamil scripts, see: Roman - Tamil

Press the letter that ends your verb stem => a | A | i | I | u | U | e | E | ai | o | O | N | y | r | l | z | L | n

Stem-Ending Vowel Example Meaning
a paLapaLa to glow
a naTa to walk
A kA to protect
A A to become
A vA to come
i paci to be hungry
i muTi to end/complete/finish
I (long i) I to donate/endow
I (long i) mI to be in excess; be left over
u uzu to till (farm land)
u ezu to rise; get up
u ezutu to write
u iTu to lay down
u cAppiTu to eat
u aRu to cut
u muNmuNu to grumble
U (long u) pU to blossom
e ve to be hot; be cooked soft
E (long e) vE to be hot; be cooked soft
ai ai to be gentle/soft
o no to be hurt emotionally
O (long o) kO to string (as beads/flowers)
O (long o) pO to go
O (long o) nO to be hurt emotionally
Stem-Ending Consonant Example Meaning
N muraN to be in conflcit
N uN to eat
N kAN to see; envision
y cey to do
y kAy to be dry
y tEy to wear out
r Ur to crawl/creep
r cEr to reach/join
r vaLar to grow/raise
l cel to go
l kal to learn
z vAz to live
z Az to immerse
z Uz to ripen
L AL to rule over
n en to say/report

(c) dr. v.s.rajam, 2005