Tamil Verbs -- Conjugation by Verb Class

1. Type your verb in its imperative singular form.
    + For a chart on the correspondence between Roman and Tamil scripts, see: Roman - Tamil
2. Specify the class of your verb. Also, specify its structure as noted.
    + To guess the class of a verb, see here for sample verbs and their classes: What Class Is My Verb?
    + If you know the class of your verb, you can also see here: Sample Verbs and Classes
3. Specify the desired verb category of forms.
4. Press the submit button to obtain the desired forms of your verb. Use the clear button to clear your entries.

Type your verb:

Specify the "weak" verb class here...
1a like "cey" செய்
1b like "koL" கொள்
1c like "cel" செல்
2 like "pAy" பாய்
3 like "pATu" பாடு
4 like "cAppiTu" சாப்பிடு
Specify the "strong" verb class or "irregular" type here...
5a like "pUN" பூண்
5b like "tin" தின்
5c like "kEL" கேள்
5d like "vil" வில்
6 like "pAr" பார்
7 like "naTa" நட
Irregular like "vA" வா

Specify the length of your verb here...
Verb has just one letter when written in Tamil and has no long vowel. Verb has just two letters when written in Tamil and has no long vowel. Verb has more than two letters when written in Tamil and/or has a long vowel.

Specify the desired category of verb forms here...
Finite Verb Forms
Partcipial Noun Forms
Participle Forms (non-finite verb forms)
Other Forms (such as: negative imperative, potential, and so on.)

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